Advert & Editorial Information.


All adverts within the physical magazine will be presented in full colour. We take no responsibility for the advert submitted by an advertiser who wishes to submit their own copy in its entirety. Whilst best endeavours to ensure the quality shall be made.

If an advertiser wishes to design and submit their own copy we ask that it be submitted in a high resolution 300dpi spec.

Adverts to be provided in the exact measurements as shown below, and sent either as pdf or WeTransfer file.


Full Page 190mm (w) x 270mm (d) Portrait

1/2 Page 190mm (w) x 130mm (d) Landscape

1/4 Page 92.5mm (w) x 130mm (d) Portrait

1/8 Page 92.5mm (w) x 63mm (d) Landscape


Complete and final Adverts to be provided no later than 15th of the month prior to publication issue.


All advertisers shall have the additional GLOBAL COVERAGE of their adverts at no extra cost.

As the magazine is now  also available online via a 3d pdf flipbook. This gives global readers a 3d interactive read of the magazine, with all links to websites and email address "Click Available" to the reader, meaning they can directly click through to each advertiser or editorial writer within. Giving your advertising campaign a massive wider reach and ease of contact through the link



All articles to be submitted as complete editorial with accredited name attached no later than 15th of the month prior to publication issue.

If the article requires setting and any changes please allow a few days prior to deadline cut off.

Guideline for word count

1/2 page 150-200 words on a standard size 10-12 font

Full page 300-400 words on a standard size 10-12 font

We take no responsibility for the words written by each writer. The views and beliefs of the writer are that of the writer and we encourage that all terms and statements to be written accurate, honest and true.


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