Heart Of Glastonbury©️ 

📚 A Vibrant Colour A4 printed Spiritual magazine in the UK and fast growing international digital interactive magazine with subscribers over 30 countries in mother earth. 


We are thrilled to invite you to explore the wonders of our mystical publication. Join us on an extraordinary journey as we weave captivating editorial pieces that ignite minds and touch souls. Together we channel the Divine to curate monthly editions that leave our worldwide subscribers awakened and conscious. We sit in ceremony, delving deep with our guides to bring ideas, articles for the better good of all. 


To cover everyone and everywhere, the knowledge, the Love, the Wisdom, and compassion for all. 


💡 At "Heart of Glastonbury," we have a large team of writers and wisdom keepers that bring the very best to the Heart Chakra of the World (Glastonbury which acts as a portal to the rest of the world, with the magazine aimed at Unity Through Diversity for all. Each collaborator contributing beautifully to the tapestry of the universally aligned monthly gateway. With a shared passion for enchantment, we invite you to join our global community as we transport readers to the realms of ancient wisdom, spirituality, and the extraordinary. 


🌎 Within the pages of the magazine, you will find thought-provoking articles, inspiring interviews, health and wellbeing, all spirituality, foraging and herbal insight, crystal and monthly worthy reads and a celebration of diverse cultures from around the world. Our publication is a gateway to the mysteries of the universe, where ancient wisdom dances with contemporary inspiration.

The magazine is also available as a 3D online interactive magazine and available through the Annual Subscription of £10 per annum for 12 issues.  Every magazine, every box are blessed with abundance and success through a ritual ceremony once received from the printers, to maximise prosperity to all who join the family of Love. 


✨ Embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and inspiration alongside our vibrant community. Immerse yourself in a world where dreams come alive, souls find solace, and the beauty of life is celebrated on every page. "Heart of Glastonbury" Magazine is not just a publication—it's a portal to a place where magic and wonder intersect.


🌟 Join us today and experience the transformative power of "Heart of Glastonbury" Magazine. Together, let's illuminate minds, uplift spirits, and create a world where the extraordinary is embraced. Welcome to the enchantment! ✍️✨

We welcome you to join our vision to align, intrigue, inspire all.   


With Love and Gratitude 🙏.                                                               Bear 🐻 and Inanna 🪷


If you wish to promote within for an event, a workshop, your business or organisation please reach out for more information to advertising@iamglastonbury.co.uk where we will look forward to aligning with you!


Subscribe to the Online Digital Magazine

£10 GBP for 12 monthly issues of the online digital interactive 3d flipbook

Affiliate Programme


The monthly Glastonbury Zodiac

Amazing writing each month on the monthly horoscope and astrological alignmments


Advertising Opportunties

Whether it be a business, organisation, workshop or event there are opportunities to promote within, with the additional FREE online upload to widen your advert reach

Poetry Corner

Monthly Poetry

Beautiful poems submitted monthly by Aspiring Poets and Bards

Foraging Insight & Recipes

Monthly Recipe and Foraging information

Foraging for an array of seasonal herbs and flowers that can be used  for multiple uses and recipes. Including health benefits

I AM Magical

Column of variation

An amalgamation of interesting information on the types and use of Crystals, herbs, spells and moon cycles

Collaborating Writers


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