I AM Glastonbury©️ 

The magazine that provides a fresh look and vibe to Glastonbury. 

Within you will find beautiful articles, maps, trails, astrology and poetry, with additions within Future issues shall include recipes, foraging insight, an "I AM Magical" column (which shall look at Crystals, herbs, spells, and moon cycles), a "Curiosity & The Cat" page (q&A's where you can send a question to be answered), a Recognition page (community shout outs, birthdays, weddings and much more) and a "Family Days Out" page

Whether you are local, surrounding resident, across the UK or even abroad, the magazine is for all.

If you wish to promote within for an event, a workshop, your business or organisation please reach out for more information to advertising@iamglastonbury.co.uk where we will look forward to aligning with you!


Advertising Opportunties

Whether it be a business, organisation, workshop or event there are opportunities to promote within, with the additional FREE online upload to widen your advert reach

Guide Maps

Maps of Glastonbury, Street and Mural Trail

Information within each map on the area locally and the trails. Including images


The monthly Glastonbury Zodiac

Amazing writing each month on the monthly horoscope and astrological alignmments

Poetry Corner

Monthly Poetry

Beautiful poems submitted monthly by Aspiring Poets and Bards

Foraging Insight & Recipes

Monthly Recipe and Foraging information

Foraging for an array of seasonal herbs and flowers that can be used  for multiple uses and recipes. Including health benefits

I AM Magical

Column of variation

An amalgamation of interesting information on the types and use of Crystals, herbs, spells and moon cycles

Curiosity & the Cat

Monthly Q&A

A page dedicated to answering any questions from readers who may wish to know more on a certain subject we have published. such as crystals, the Tor, traditional celtic traditions and much more that intrigues you

Family Days Out

Fun for all

Additional attractions for families when visiting the area, to accommodate children's activities and fun for all

Recognition & Celebrations

Monthly Shout Outs

A FREE space to share praise and give recognition to a person, a business, a project which has been for the better good of all. Celebrations such as a big festival, anniversary of an event or business


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